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    SEO consultant London

  • Phone: +44 07943566025
  • Mail: seo@carmendibut.com
  • Website: https://carmendibut.com/
  • Address: 182 Dalston Lane, E8 1LA, London

What is Search Engine Optimisation


» Guaranteed online visibility for Your Business,

» First ranking with Google business, Google search and social media,

» Quality content and links,

» It’s part of our integrated SEO strategy with Carmen Dibut Solutions.

 first serps google

Why your website optimised for Google?

In the competitive environment of digital marketing, small businesses have only limited opportunities to reach that first search engine ranking position on Google.

To get your place on the first page, our seo consultant implemented a SEO Content into your website and started the ethical link building process to push your keywords on the top of the list on Google search.

Our marketing consultant optimised your Ad words campaign which always result in improved click-to-customer conversion.

Our SEO experts and Content editor created new campaign to build your social business. We identify the best social media as networks businesses that answer your needs, miximised high online visibility for your business, we using platforms, channels and original content developed for the specific company goals.

We help companies to reach first SERPs on Google (whilst optimised AdWords campaign) by ensuring high website performance across all devices and browsers.

How can your business benefit from a wesbite with CDS?

» Increased lead generations.

» Increased conversions from visitors to clients.

» Outstripping competitors.

» Increased online reputation.

Why Google?

For small businesses with local markets, Google optimisation offers the greatest reach of potential new customers, with 88% of the search engine market share. First page ranking is key to businesses of any size, with the promise of will be huge important to lead competitors and increased exponentially traffic at your website.

Local companies with responsive websites, high quality content and SEO implementation growth very quickly. Allowed then diversificate their marketing actions, expanded product and services.

Integrated SEO, website optimisation with CDS

Our team guarantees unique content for each website:

1.) Customised titles and subtitles of your homepage, sub pages, posts, attachments, categories, gallery, images, videos, post tags, and post format archive on your blog.

2.) Optimised media: galleries, images, videos and music for search engines.

3.) Edited meta-description of your home, subpages, posts, images, galleries, audio-visuals posts and more.

4.) Customised anchor text to boost your internal links.

5.) Building internal links across home, subpages, posts, images, attachments, videos, galleries, widgets, menus, and more.

6.) Building external links across websites, blogs, forums, social networks and more.

7.) Customised links: header, side and footer links across the website and/or on page by page.

8.) Integrated open graph protocol: page by page, per images, videos, attachments, music, posts and more.

9.) Updated algorithms: response to new versions released yearly from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

10.) Social network penetration: optimising titles, descriptions, images, videos, posts, music, testimonials, comments and more.

11.) Generated author signature: signed-off articles increase online reputation of websites.

12.) Robot codes: developing metadesciption per page and per content to ensure search engine recognisation.

13.) Customised Code 404 pages: a friendlier sight for when visitors arrived at a page not found.

14.) Generated sitemap and indexed website

15.) 3 months maintenance and updates included in SEO package, continuing all integrated strategies.

16.) Registered website in Webmastertool, Google Analytic and third SEO platforms.