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    SEO consultant London

  • Phone: +44 07943566025
  • Mail: seo@carmendibut.com
  • Website: https://carmendibut.com/
  • Address: 182 Dalston Lane, E8 1LA, London

Content Marketing on Google

Guarantee high volumes of traffic at your website

What is behind SEO content on websites?

Our copywriting team work closely with clients to understand their business needs, the philosophy of their company, and their objectives and projections for growth. With this information we are able to create, original marketing content that remains cohesive to the image of your company and the voice of your brand.

Working in conjunction with CDS London webdesigns and SEO consultants, our writers and content marketers use high-level research and analysis to create responsive media which engages with your industry, products, services and locality.

Our content marketing team are skilled at identifying new business opportunities online, to help companies like yours to discover new audiences for your content, and new markets for your business.

How CDS builds content marketing for your website:

We work to provide detailed and dynamic information for audiences in and around your industry, offering branded content across multiple platforms and channels. Working more discreetly than overt advertising – to which the digital consumer is often indifferent – we create content that is valuable, personable and sharable,  developing your online brand and creating more traffic for your website.

We won’t let your business get lost in the murky depths of Google backpages; we create new articles and other media which can be shared across social networks, blogs, forums and other websites, with Natural Links back to your own. We won’t duplicate content to fill up your pages, or plagiarise from other online sources, and we work hard to build your site with a logical link structure, to keep it user-friendly and navigable.

Why our copywriting is unique?

>> No duplication: all new content from headlines to taglines.

>> Tailored campaigns for your business – including link-building strategies, social network penetration and mailing lists.

>> Customised metadescription for gallery images, attachments, PDF, videos and audio files in all posts and networks we use – keeping your content searchable and sharable.

>> Direct creative input from you: Tell us what kind of media and content you want to see from your company’s website, engage in online and face-to-face editorial and creative meetings, and develop opportunities for collaboration between internal and external copywriters.

How can high quality content influence search engine rankings?

Providing high-quality content for your website, whether it is the form of news articles, listicles, tutorial videos, images or even humour, will greatly increase traffic and natural links between networks, blogs and other sites.

These links back to your website are read by search engines like Google, and its algorithms rank your site accordingly. It’s no longer really possible to ‘cheat the system’ – the algorithms are now so advanced and ‘human’, that websites have to put in the time and effort to gain visitors and get their pages linked to and shared across the web. And to do this, you must give people a reason to visit by providing worthwhile information or entertainment.