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    SEO consultant London

  • Phone: +44 07943566025
  • Mail: seo@carmendibut.com
  • Website: https://carmendibut.com/
  • Address: 182 Dalston Lane, E8 1LA, London


Does your company get 1st Google ranking?

How we work

If this is your first time working with us, it is important for us to understand your company as well as you do, in order to tailor our strategy to your needs.

This initial process may include questions such as,

  • Who are your competitors?


  • How much do you want to grow your business, and in what time frame?


  • What are your business targets for 2017?

Next we gather information about your website’s current performance, in order to assess where improvement is needed. 

  • How many enquiries per day does your website receive?


  • What is the search engine ranking of your site?


  • How is the performance of your website (including page-loading times, navigation links, etc.)?


  • How much traffic does your website receive and where is it coming from?

Why choose us?  

» A Different Kind of Consultancy

Unlike many SEO/Digital Marketing consultants, CDS doesn’t rely on a sprawling network of data analysts and unpaid interns.

We have a core team of young, creative designers, SEO analysts, copywriters and marketers, with a passion for developing the online presence of small and medium-sized companies.

» A Personal Service

CDS is ideal for businesses who may not have the time to invest in SEO or content creation internally, but require a personalised strategy and a personable service.

We always make the effort to get to know your business, and work with you to devise a development plan that suits your brand and your budget.

» Stand Out From The Crowd

Have original content created for your brand by professional, proficient and persuasive writers, see your website stand out from the crowd with dynamic and engaging graphic design, reach out to new audiences on new platforms with responsive webdesign, targeting new customers 24/7.

» Be Our Next Success Story

CDS has a proven track record in guaranteeing first positions in Google searches, as well as massively increasing conversions.

We have the technical expertise to conduct high-level online marketing research, SEO analysis, and risk minimisation for your company.

See our case studies for examples of businesses how have capitalised on online markets with the help of the CDS team.